Welcome! I'm glad you made it. As you know, my name is Agent Turundus and today I want to share our collection of super awesome trainings and gadgets that help HEROs do what they do. Everything on this page has been personally tested and used by The Alchemist (you might know him as Richard) so you can be sure that these tools will give you an edge when you're out fighting the evils of this world with your own unique super powers.

Every HERO has tools at their disposal. Firemen have their axes. Doctors have their scalpels. Marines have their weapons. Batman has his tool belt.

So what about producers? What are the tools of creativity? What are the tools used to create products and services that lead to influence and success?

Here is a list of some of our favorite tools of the trade here at The League of HEROs. Please note that when possible, the links below are affiliate links.


Podcaster's Paradise is a great course to learn how to put together a show like this one. Learn how to build and monetize an audience in a cool and fun way that let's you bring your value to as many people as possible in this powerful medium.

Create Awesome Interviews is an amazing course that teaches you specifically how to interview others on your podcast so you can create an engaging show that leverages the expertise of others in your space.


Publish And Profit is the one course you should if you have a message inside of you that you need to get out to the world. It will teach you how to perform your content, get it transcribed and edited into a book and then how you can leverage that book to build a business.

CreateSpace is where you go to get your book published quickly and easily. There is nothing like holding a copy of your printed book in your hand for the first time, nor is there anything quite like becoming an author that ups your expert status.


Name.com is a great place to buy a domain for your website. As a web-developer for 7 years, I can tell you that buying your domain from the place you also host your website is a recipe for disaster. Also purchase domain names from a dedicated domain registrar like this one.

WPEngine.com is the one of the best WordPress hosting companies out there. I host over 40 websites with them never had any problems and their support is amazing. If your business income depends on your website, then you need a server company you can count on to be there.

BeaverBuilder is possibly the best website builder to ever exist for WordPress. Simple, easy, super flexible, and coded like a dream. The one tool I use on every site (including this one). I use both their theme and their page builder for one super powered combo.

WooCommerce makes it easy to sell whatever you want on your site. Physical product that are fulfilled by Amazon? Done. Memberships with dripped content? Done. Information products or courses? Done. Traditional ecommerce? Done. Subscription box products? Done. Whatever you want to sell the super ninja's at Woo can help you get it done.


ActiveCampaign is marketing automation at it's finest. I love how simple their campaign builder is. I also love how you can tie in nearly any service you want for a full range for automation goodness. Email, Direct mail, phone calls, online orders. Whatever it is, you can tie it all together with Active Campaign and build yourself a marketing machine. Oh and it's waaaaaay cheaper than competing solutions.

OptinMonster is the best lead builder a HERO could ask for. Lots of simple designs, full control, split testing and more. OptinMonster will help you build your email list and grow your influence like a HERO.

ClickFunnels was built for HEROs like you and me. It takes all the technical difficulty out of building sales funnels, optin funnels, and webinar funnels. Build out a whole sales process in minutes and never worry about anything but the content.